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GOA, JSD Supply, and Defense Distributed address the White House on Home-built Firearms

March 1, 2021

by: Oliver Drabington

   The "administration" has made it not secret they intend to further infringe on our Constitutional Rights via executive orders targeting the firearms industry.  Obviously, the anti-gun establishment expects resistance to any legislation that they introduce to attempt to infringe on our rights legally, so they intend to redirect the ATF and law enforcement with EOs.

    One of their primary targets is unfinished frames and receivers, or "80% firearms".  Make no mistake, they intend to pen-stroke away our right to legally build a firearm for our own personal use in our home.  I believe it is LONG overdue that someone from our community speak out and put tyrants on notice that it is NOT within their constitutionally-granted authority to override THE LAW.  The open letter issued to Biden's administration today (click the button above to read it) is very clear and concise.  It lays out the very simple constitutional and legal precedents that preclude executive orders turning home-building hobbyists into felons overnight.

    While we as Americans, as an industry, and as a community WILL fight any proposed legislation targeting gun owners and builders, the intent of this letter is to highlight that to make new felons out of Americans, Congress would need to pass ACTUAL new legislation redefining a firearm in contrast to the GCA of 1968.

   I've said it before, I'm not hiding, and I'm tired of "waiting to see" what tyrannical executive overreach Biden and team have cooked up to make us overnight felons.  This letter is US going "on the offensive", and i hope it's just the first step.

  Thank you to Gun Owners of America, JSD Supply, and Defense Distributed for standing up for US.  If you'd like to checkout what they do for YOU or support them, links are below.

  Stay ready, stay safe, and stay FREE, family. - Bob

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