Freedom Wolf Resources

The Freedom Wolf 80% Glock platform frame by Lone Wolf offers compatibility with gen 4/5 slides, but also requires a unique combination of parts that make it slightly more complicated.  It requires a gen 4 trigger housing, gen 4 magazine release, but a gen 3 locking block.  The frame CAN be modified to accept a gen 4 locking block, but warranty support from LW would be forfeited.

A gen 4 LPK is currently impossible to source, and the cross-gen components (pins, catch spring, etc) are oos or not-cost-effective individually, so we recommend a gen 3 LPK as a base.

You will need ALL OF THE COMPONENTS ON THIS PAGE to complete a Freedom Wolf if you are starting from zero.  To the OGs sourcing most of their LPK from the parts bins, respeck.

Freedom Wolf frame in stock lowest price (Primary Arms)

Compact Gen 3 Locking Block (MatchPoint)

OEM Polymer Trigger Housing Pin (Brownells)

Magazine Release (Big Tex)

Trigger Housing gen 4 (Midway)

Aftermarket LPK gen 3 

NOTE: you will need to swap out the housing and mag catch to gen 4, as well as order the locking block and rear pin separately. 

palmetto state armory

PewTang Clan

rainier arms
Body Armor
p320 barrel
gun mat

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