Definition of Frame or Receiver 2022

May 14, 2022

On May12th, JSD Supply was served a Cease and Desist on their front porch by two ATF field agents from the Pittsburgh field office.  The letter was issued by the main office in Philadelphia. You can view the letter in at least one place I know of at the button below.

JSD Supply took immediate action, suspending operations and engaging the advice of cousel.  While they could have ignored it and continued operations, inaction could potentially expose their customer's privacy if, as we saw with P80 in December of 2020, ATF secretly subpoenaed cc processors and/or usps data in an attempt to secure a warrant to enter the premises.

The C&D appears to be in direct contradiction to the Receiver Rule that is to take effect 8/24/22.  Either this is another case of ATF field offices not knowing what they are doing, OR some rogue element has somehow leveraged a field office to attack a private American business illegally.

Here are the contradictory quotes from the two documents:

- 5/12/22 C&D From Philadelphia SAC to JSD: "These kits are, therefore, firearms under the GCA and always have been firearms pursuant to statute.  This is and has been true notwithstanding the recently announced regulations and definitions under Final Rule 2021R-05F."

- 4/26/22 published Final Rule regarding Definition of Frame and Receiver: "The only exception to “grandfathering” will be for partially complete, disassembled, or nonfunctional frames or receivers, including weapon or frame or receiver parts kits, that ATF did not classify as firearm “frames or receivers” as defined prior to this rule.".

The actual ATF/DOJ, nationally, identifies that they did not classify such kits as firearms prior to this rule.  It appears the Philadelphia SAC, however, has decided they "always were", at least for their purposes of trying to put a Pennsylvania employer out of business.

JSD Supply will be back online soon, I have no doubt.  While they kickoff their legal fight, please be patient and if you are able, use one of the Defense links below to help them keep the lights on and take the ATF to the mat.

April 26, 2022

The "final rule" defining a Frame or Receiver published to the federal register on April 26th, 2022. The effective date of the "rule" is August 24th, 2022.

GOA and FPC, as well as others, are set to start litigation to try to block or delete this egregious infringement and overreach. Two of the six buttons below take you to where you can join them or donate to help fuel the biggest fight for our rights in my lifetime.

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