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June 13th, 2021

by: Oliver Drabington

This revamped page is dedicated to helping US voice our opposition to the proposed tyranny currently at our doorstep via the bureacracy.

Above are buttons linked to the home pages for the current ATF rule proposals.  When you are ready to comment, click the blue "Comment" button in the top right of each page.  We NEED to comment on both!!

Below are some revised comment topics for each proposed rule.  Topic color matches the button color for the Rule/Comment page above.  The provided topics are good starting points, but I implore you to read through each rule, watch and read some other content on the subject, and add your own original thoughts.

ATF 2021R-05 Receiver Comment Topics:

- the proposed rule centralizes the power to define what is and isn't a firearm into the hands of a single unelected bureaucrat, the director of the ATF.  As evidenced by the GCA, this can ONLY be accomplished by our ELECTED legislators by passing law.

- the proposed rule empowers a single unelected bureaucrat to determine what part, or parts, of any firearm design are the "receiver", requiring background checks, fees, and serialization.  As evidenced by the GCA, this is a function of our elected legislature.  The unintended, or perhaps intended, result of allowing a loan government employee to make such an impactful decision would be at LEAST the stifling of innovation (including SAFETY innovations).  Rather than deal with the uncertainty surrounding definition by the director of the ATF, and the costs associated with serializing, cataloging, and processing different parts for different models (or even multiple parts) depending on which part(s) of a NEW firearm design the director decides is going to be a "firearm", manufacturers will simply continue to produce existing designs.

- the definition of "readily convertible" has always meant combining parts, NOT the removal of significant amounts of material.  This rule places ALL of the power to ban Americans from practicing their oldest freedom, into the hands of the unelected director of the ATF.  Of the list of criteria the director might, at their discretion, use to decide whether a non-firearm object is a "firearm", is the COST of finishing the incomplete frame or receiver. This is a blatant and brazen attack on the poorest, most vulnerable Americans.  We CANNOT place additional financial barriers between Americans and their Constitutional rights...unless we're just telling poor people they don't have the same rights as the wealthy now?

ATF 2021R-08 Brace Comment Topics:

- ALL of the pistol stabilizing braces currently on the market are FAR less effective than a stock.  If whomever penned the first pages of this rule had ever spent significant time using a weapon equipped with a stabilizing brace and one with a stock, they'd know that the super thin fin, or soft rubbery flaps, that extend downward offer VERY little additional support when shouldered. Both the fins and flaps on the various designs on the market ARE, however, very effective at helping one-armed shooters use these weapons effectively.

- the two-page scoring worksheet that Americans are supposed to use to decide if they are felons or not is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, intended to help scare responsible Americans into registering firearms and paying MORE TAXES to the government.  You know who else has worksheets and will send you to jail if you can't figure out the right answers?  The IRS.

- an individual accessory is either legal or illegal, period.  The proposed method of determining whether a brace-equipped weapon is or isn't an illegal SBR is pretty much the way the 1994 Assault Weapons ban worked, defining an illegal weapon by how many of a list of certain features it had.  The 1994 AWB was legislation, passed by ELECTED representatives of the people.  A government agency cannot pass legislation, therefore it is illegal for the DOJ/ATF to set forth a set of features/accessories/characteristics (the criteria "worksheet") that a weapon can't have or it is a FELONY unless it was registered and fees paid BEFORE the government agency finds out you have it.


THANK YOU for taking the time to use YOUR VOICE to defend our Freedom in a civil manner.  Please consider joining the current champions of gun rights.  Every little bit helps the GOA and FPC fight the battles we need fought in DC, as well as all across our United States of America.