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Eagle Arms Gun Shows BAN 80% Receivers

March 27, 2021

by: Oliver Drabington

   This will be my last update on this issue.  My previous commentary is below this entry, listed chronologically, with all of the original text and links.  We'll begin with a summary of gun rights groups i do and do not support, with a brief explanation why:

    - I support Gun Owners of America: This national organization that claims the title of "the no-compromise gun lobby" has directors in every state, including legitimate investigative journalist John Crump.  They are our answer to billionaire-backed anti-gun lobbyist/activist conglomerates like Moms Demand and Everytown.

    - I support Firearms Policy Coalition: Also a national organization, but hyper-focused on PREPARING to launch every possible legal action possible BEFORE anti-second-amendment legislation is passed.  They aren't waiting for a bill to become a law, they are watching what bills get introduced, locking and loading, and being prepared to fire the moment they can.

    - I cannot support Firearm Owners Against Crime in Pennsylvania, a PA-centric organization that is apparently very effective at what they do within the legislature, often speaking directly with law enforcement and legislatures, to try to stop anti-gun laws before they hit us.  If they represent the things you care about most, you are welcome to support them.

    The reason I can't support the FOAC is that the more I hear, read, and see from their president Kim Stolfer, the more it becomes crystal clear that they do not represent my interests.  I own very few "regular" firearms.  Years ago I built my first Polymer 80 framed pistol, loved the enhancements, sold all of my stock glocks, and I've been a builder ever since.  I'm dipping my toe into printing now, which is a whole new exciting world, and i doubt the FOAC knows or cares about that.


     Speaking of not caring, in a recent livestream on Facebook (linked below if they didn't take it down) where viewers could submit questions, I asked president Stolfer about the Shapiro "ghost guns" announcement vs PA AG Shapiro joining Pennsylvania with 17 other states in suing the federal government demanding they call 80% receivers FIREARMS and regulate them as such.  This action is still not called out on their website, and the question was posed to Kim by the moderator, and Mr Stolfer said many words, but did not address the issue AT ALL.

     Before viewing that livestream, where FOAC said they wanted to "make the facts known" because, as Kim Stolfer claimed during, "there's been a lot of stuff thrown around by these youtubers and stuff that's completely false", I was still kind of "luke warm" on FOAC as a whole.  Despite hearing president Kim Stolfer personally insult a friend of ours, and attack JSD Supply directly like they were murderous criminals, and not deny verbally attacking one of their folks who was just working the table at a recent gun show, I still hadn't written off FOAC on the whole.

    But if the organization is going to let their president make a public appearance and say things like he said during that stream (where no one was even there to "antagonize him"), how can I not judge their commitment and goals based on his words.

    During the video Kim, AGAIN, claims that he has never attacked anyone in the community, that all these youtubers and podcasters are lying.  Despite him being recorded saying everything that anyone in the community has discussed.  Among so many things that clearly indicate he has not only no clue about the builder community, but seems to have an active hatred for us, at one point he says "we can't allow ourselves to sell products that are knowingly going to crime.".  Around a half hour into the video (it's worth a watch if you want to see Kim Stolfer's true colors), Rep Amen Brown that Kim "worked with" to stop Amen from pushing a "bad gun bill", says its about restricting access because "criminals abuse the quote-unquote loophole".

    Next, FOAC president Kim Stolfer asks Rep Brown to "tell us about the buy you saw with the guy with the 70 kits, that peeled off the cash".  For those of you that haven't watched a lot of cop movies are spent time around law enforcement, "the buy" is a term they use to discuss what street drug dealers do.  When you hear Kim's voice say it, it sounds the exact same way.  ALSO, this "70 kit buy" is one of the accusations Kim Stolfer has thrown around to help justify his calling JSD Supply specifically "soulless" and accuse them of being responsible for murders in Philly.  At one point he said 150, then 100, now 70, and Amen Brown had no idea how many it actually was.

    Later in the video, Kim Stolfer accuses any viewer who doesn't support Eagle Arms right to run their business the way they want as being "not about the entire bill of rights, just one tiny part of it".

    Well, Mr Stolfer, you have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU are not for the ENTIRE SECOND AMENDMENT.  That is your choice, and you and the leadership and members of FOAC have the right to run your organization however you see fit.  

    I'm glad this one is finally over, we hope. Links below, I would encourage you to listen, read, and decide for YOURSELF what is the truth.  Each button/link is identified with the date of the event.

Stay ready, stay safe, and stay FREE, family. - Bob

March 17, 2021

by: Oliver Drabington

   SO much has happened around this issue in just the last 48 hours.  I've received and/or found some new information, and some old, that may change your opinion.  Before I give my updated perspective, I want to call out three new links I'm including with this updated entry:

- Original FOAC p.r. about Shapiro's announcement 

Clarification FOAC p.r. on the issue

- FOAC statement concerning 12/10/20 ATF "raid" on P80 products

- Eagle Arms Shows website with updated position on 80% receviers

   I am leaving my original comments below because I don't believe in hiding what one says or does, especially if a mistake was made.  We are all accountable for our actions.

  First, Eagle Arms Shows has added an updated statement to the very top when you visit their website.  I know that their contact information was posted by a lot of concerned Americans, and you as a community truly passionate about your brothers and sisters rights, responded in full force to express your concerns to them directly (THANK YOU!).  I believe Eagle Arms was pressured into making an unpopular and hasty decision, and was unaware that they'd be used as political grandstanding fodder by PA AG Shapiro (I have NO proof of either).  They very quickly reconsidered the decision, and will continue to allow the 80% products that we builders love.  

  After reading FOAC's formal written statements from 3/15 and 3/17, it would appear that the words and actions of President Kim Stolfer must be his alone.  The button below will take you directly to their clarification, where the organization again makes their unwavering support for your second amendment rights, including building your own personal arms.


However, while the 3/17 statement that appears to have been authored by the 2nd Vice President specifically refutes any involvement by the organization in conversations between the PA Attorney General and Eagle Arms, it in no way addresses or condemns the statements or on-record admitted involvement in these events by their president.  (check the button below our original post below for raw audio from Stolfer).

FOAC has also released a statement on the ATF attack on Polymer 80's BBS kits back on 12/10/20 today as well (3/17/21).  I've linked that article/news brief below as well.

At this time, I cannot in good conscience direct any hatred toward the FOAC.  I also cannot, in the same good conscience, give them my support either financially or by endorsement, if they are unwilling or unable to address the actions of their president.  Regardless of whether he was acting on the organization's behalf, Mr Stolfer's position on both OUR right to build, and choice to personally attack a respected leader of the firearms building community and his team, are wrong.  I understand that he has done tremendous work for the cause of American gun rights in other arenas and in the past, but as I said above regarding my own words, we are all accountable for our actions, good or bad.



Stay ready, stay safe, and stay FREE, family. - Bob

March 16, 2021

by: Oliver Drabington

   If you click the link below, you can read an AmmoLand article the provides an excellent synopsis of the real evil at work within our own community, as well as listen to the raw recorded audio of journalist John Crump's conversation with both Kim of the FOAC (Firearm Owners Against Crime) and Jordan of JSD Supply.

While I HIGHLY recommend you read the article, watch the Shapiro video clip, and listen to the recorded audio directly from Kim Stolfer and Jordan Vinroe's mouth, I'll give you my  BRIEF opinion...

   If you've found yourself on common ground regarding the second amendment with a tyrant like John Shapiro, you're not a second amendment advocate.  The leadership of the FOAC has decided that we should "self-regulate" what gun control advocates in the government want (instead of forcing them to get legislation passed in order to infringe on our rights).  They believe the government has a right to know what you own, just in case they want to tax it or take it I guess, so YOU should not be allowed to buy things with cash money.  They have decided that if you live in a low-income area, you shouldn't have the same rights as the wealthy.

   FOAC's Stolfer reached this decision after meeting with DA's, government officials, and law enforcement leaders to discuss "gun crime" in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.  Mr. Stolfer agrees with THEM that nobody should have the freedom to use US legal tender to purchase the materials to build their own firearms in the privacy of their own home.  He believes because some criminals commit crimes, you should surrender "some" of your rights.  I don't know that even Mr Stolfer realizes he is regurgitating gun-grabber talking points, slightly modified, and in the same breath claiming to have done "more for second amendment rights than anyone in Pennsylvania".

There is no "but" in the second amendment.

Stay ready, stay safe, and stay FREE, family. - Bob

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