Everything here has made a cameo or better in our photos and videos, or works hard behind the scenes.  Click the image/logo to get you some.

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Tyrant Designs: I got the G43 "enhancement package" in grey, which came with all three components.  The grey is much lighter than other "tactical" grays, almost silver.

True Precision: Glock Barrel in "Spectrum".


My oldest Tekmat is about 10 years young, and is still completely serviceable.  It's got a couple cuts from an errant knife or sledge hammer, but that's not it's fault.  I've got the one with the P320, AR, and Glock schematic just in case.


GunMag Warehouse: I don't bother looking anywhere else anymore, if i need mags i just order. Low flat-rate shipping, selection, lowest price including OEM.


Faxon Firearms: My current P320 Barrel, chameleon flame fluted.  If you see something you like, sign up for the in-stock alert.


Sellier & Bellot: There's other 124gr out there, but S&B has been the most consistent and the cleanest of all the brands I've tried.  It's the only thing I shoot in 9mm.

Original Gun Oil: This was the winner of the 3-way lube showdown video.  After the wipe-off, the area where the OGO was dripped was by far the slickest, and was visibly wet/shiny.  Disco code PEWTANG.


F&F: My G34 slide, barrel, and all internals.  I switch between the full size frame and the CL in this crappy photo.


WMD Guns: I didn't NEED the "full auto" AR15 NiB BCG, and I'm sure i didn't NEED the coated hammer for ten bucks more...but what the hell.

801 Gun: The Cobra Rigger's Belt is what my current USPSA Polymer 80 loadout rides on, my P320 is getting it's own belt before spring, and it will be the same one.  Under $70 with disco code Condor.


Aero Precision: The amazing "PEW PEW PEW" lower linked here is the one lower i regret getting rid of. I've got another one ordered.


Palmetto State Armory: All of the optics I use were ordered from PSA, including the pistol dot riding on my G34 build.  Haven't built a rifle from one of their kits in many moons, but keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming range report on the cheapest one they have. 


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